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SALON BD – Comic Stories from Bucharest!

Craii Old Court, Mita cyclists, Ionita pruning, Caragiale's characters with Vlady, Cat Square and Century of Bucharest 21, reach Suţu Palace! Artists Puiu Manu, Şerban Andreescu, Mihai Ionuţ Grăjdeanu, Alin Teodor Ivan, Octav Ungureanu Alexandru Ciubotariu and present their characters and their stories in Bucharest, in Comics.

The exhibition will be open from 8 July - 10 august 2014.

Opening: Tuesday, 8 July, now 19:00

AFIS_Poveşti din Bucureşti în Benzi Desenate

"It is a reference to an age that each of us has, even though I entered the classical ages. Well, this age is somewhere preserved and often, In some situations it all out in this life of ours, We report on things started in the past and most times have continuity. Hence the idea of ​​a beauty cartoon, because there are a number of details that can not be displayed in a historical study, or can not be included in motion pictures, because they are better raised by a composition, or by highlighting some features of physiognomy, Management, attitude, or details that can be better captured with the design, details of past events. The city of Bucharest is now seen as a real exam. To what extent he can feed the comic strip, stories that attract. This, I, an element of noutate, originality and for those who have enrolled in this exam, I mean artists, and public, to what extent it will succeed recoler age telling you from the beginning.” Adrian Majuru, manager (director) Museum Bucharest.

Comic author Mihai Ionuţ Grăjdeanu has joined the art historian Adrian Majuru in organizing the first "Salon BD, Comic Stories from Bucharest ". "We made a short comic on the proposal of Mr. Adrian Majuru for 'urban anthropology Magazine'. Based on this work, we decided to organize a special exhibition at the museum, based on the mysterious stories of Bucharest yesterday and today, but presented in a different manner, the comic. Me and artists who exhibit, we only invite the passerby to rediscover the beauty of the living. The identity of Romanian Comics danger of disappearing because of strong current international trading Comics. I have always maintained that we, BD authors from Romania, need to promote, banda prin desenată, Romanian characters and stories . Matter how draw, What about the style you draw! “, stressed Mihai Ionuţ Grăjdeanu.

Poveşti din Bucureşti în Benzi Desenate 2

Show BD will include book launches, conference, workshops for children, a mini Summer School Suţu Palace.

The full program will be presented on the museum's Facebook page: / MuzeulMunicipiuluiBucuresti

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