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Scoala of Baia Mare, exam Bucureşti. Umbra Domnişoarei Pogany


In the summer of 2014, Baia Mare headquarters moved to "Mediterranean" of the City District 2 bucureștean. Of course, Gallery is about "dialogue" and artistic phenomenon in Baia Mare, called ba school, ba colonies. In a detailed look and careful listening, we realize that the emphasis is on the concept of "arts center". So, no year 1896, the painters come in Baia Mare, is the basic element of conduct, there 1898, Bela Ivanyi Grunwald painter Baia Mare when they get to make a picture gallery section. Inevitably, emphasis placed by the organizers is one institutional and falls on County Museum of Art "Artistic Center Baia Mare", Driving Tiberiu Alexa, specialist și personalitate dinamică, a promoter of the artistic phenomenon in Baia Mare.

vorbeste Ruxandra Garofeanu g3

Instinctively, you say Baia Mare Artistic, School or Colonia think Baia Mare. In 1896, a group of artists goes manifest in Budapest and comes from Baia Mare to dedicate a center of art without the pressure of conservative revolution threatened not only artistic. In the group that combines the exuberance of youth and teen trips sobriety responsible mentors recognized, se află Simon Holossy, which connects the "volcano" artistic Baia Mare, Thorma János, Stephen Meadow, Karoly Ferenczy, Iványi Grünwald Béla Hungarian art flagship name, Artisti din Berlin, Frankfurt, Odessa, Calcutta, Boston şi Verona Arthur your Braila. Next year, Verona Artur Count, as shown in the records Colony, back to Baia Mare, group being the Ravic Bazil, who comes alone, in 1898, and appears BUKAREST its name.

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If in the early years of the School of Baia Mare, Romanians were almost nonexistent, participant appears even Miss Pogany! It, of course, Brancusi's famous model, really an inspiring passion, remaining in the history of the famous sculptor and his art. Until recently mentioned a certain painter Margit Pogany participation, because that was his job, that of the 1908, but recently I discovered that the name was Miss Pogany Pollacsek, name under which marks the first participation in the School of Baia Mare, in 1902. The next year is registered Pollacsek P. Margit, lipsește în 1904 but Pollacsek Pogány Margit returns 1905. After another two years of missing, Pogány Margaret attended school in 1908 for, in 1910, to be in Paris where he met Constantin Brancusi. Craftsman makes already portrait, in 1911, launching a legend of modern art history. Westerners consider the greatest love Brancusi's correspondence and notes of 26 de ani, as from 1911. It seems that Brancusi comes in Romania, in 1914 and profit for a stopover in Budapest, and not to Bucharest, cum eronat, again, Westerners confuse the two cities, but to see Margit, fatality, was not at home. But Baia Mare was, Do not come in 1908, he was already thinking of Paris where he had to know Brancusi. In 1925, Margit Pogany and last years leaves Paris, within 1967, and i have to live in Australia.

mircea romanescu.florin filip.ana-maria vaeni 1.marina roman

Mircea painter Romanescu, Florin Filip and Anna-Maria Vaeni
Marina Roman, receiving her birthday greetings

In the long run, right name for what happened to Baia Mare from 1896, is the "school". Unlike Balchik, where participants had different status and painting other colors, Baia Mare has gone clear affiliation to a series of aesthetic principles, on reports from leading educational initiative, which led to split, and was the organization of a school and even paid.

mircea deac citind interior Sector 2 vasile pop-negresteanu si mircea deac

Noted critic and art historian Mircea Deac lecturing event program and a discussion with painter Vasile Pop-Negresteanu

In 2012, the gallery Parisian Lucian Georgescu, an optimist that reality hit home, a adus, in Hungary, an exhibition of art from Baia Mare. Exposure, of excepţie, belonged partner MissionArt Galéria Budapest and be the first presence of such a magnitude, a gallery in Bucharest, after 1939, School of Art beginning in Baia Mare. The exhibition was hosted by a highly appropriate given unique space, Swan, Office & Technological Park Piper.

lucian georgescu lucian.2

Andrew Laszlo Kosa, director of the Hungarian Cultural Centre in Bucharest, historian and art critic Davidescu Catalin Lucian Georgescu, patronul Colors Art, organzitorul expoziţiri Budapest – Baia Mare – Bucharest in 2012.

Marius Tița și Zsolt Kishonthy de la MissionArt Galéria Budapest, at the opening of 2012

History Baia Mare artistic phenomenon has always been subject to historical developments. A beautiful and unique period experienced school, condusă Janos Thorma, after the Union of 1918, Greater Romania, rich and smart. In communist times after 1989, elements characterizing the School of Baia Mare accident and survive only individual, away from a formula organized, noteworthy. No doubt, artists and arts life continued to Baia Mare, adding history "school" everfescentă actuality of "art town".

Baia Mare Artistic Exhibition Centre. Fascination renovation, Dialogue on cymas gallery at City Hall District 2 of Bucharest in 26 June to 1 September 2014, resume exposure held in the Centre Museums of Art Safari, artistic event of the year, fixed place one month before the opening of the Sector 2.

art-safari art-safari.1

Artistic Center Baia Mare Pavilion Art Safari

Mircea Deac, Livia Deac si Marius Tita scoala de la baia mare 30

Mircea Deac, Professor Livia Deac and Marius Tiţa

Marius Alexandru Tiţa and Bald

Marius Tita (n,en. 1965) publicist specializing in the art market and art and curator of numerous art exhibitions.



Scoala de la Baia Mare - galeria dialog 5

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