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Sculpture by Adrian Costea at Hotel Sarroglia

24 Sculptura de Adrian Costea

Sculptura Adrian Costea Sculptura Adrian Costea

Sculptor Adrian Costea has a fabulous biography of which transpire in public only fragments which creates an image at least misleading if not radically affected. Beyond involvement răsunătoarele, especially in political affairs, exceptional economic success beyond known in France, plastic creation has remained a constant, the permanentă preocupare.

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Sculptura de Adrian Costea 11 Sculptura Adrian Costea

Was born precisely ago 64 de ani, fulfilled in July recently, la București. He began to sculpt under the direction and at about militant Petraşcu 20 years left in Israel, a restoration contract. All there and all then began business interests, opens a gallery and will do the same, at a much higher level, later, Paris, where, în august 2014, I have sold a sculpture, with tens of thousands of euro. Israel moved into Western Europe and even pass Ocean, United States, where he met Leo Castelli, legendary figure and perfectly awkward art trade. If the stabileşte Paris, Where do sculpture and Business. After the Revolution, involved in presidential election campaigns his native Romania, reach the top where the wave collapses, the millennium change, in a way that few people would have incurred. We still is known for a book, monumental volume Eternal şi fascinating Românie was working busily behind two decades. Recent, publicistul Miron hose, who can say to us revealed that the artist, his recent return to Romania, and newly-gathered on this topic, mostly published on the website Certainty, In a highly inspired volume title, Chronicle of a dead stranded, Title, fact, of its series by 2011, most serious and explicit about the sculptor Adrian Costea.

After a horrendous crossing the desert, Adrian Costea remains just art, sculpture, and approaching Romania. In recent years, Sarroglia hotel in Bucharest, An interesting adaptation of an old architectural homes Bucharest, its impressive sculptures exhibit halls of Adrian Costea. It is a comprehensive presentation, in a special, Adrian Costea's creation, cycles and its emphasis, artistic thinking deep speculation.

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If Adrian Costea, biography, or rather the history of life, assail us with events that we confuse, We clarify or explain many of your discussion. To remember apprenticeship in the workshop militants Petraşcu, turn famous disciple of matchless Brancusi, way to remember the beginning of life to the Holy Land, the sufficiency and age sensitivity, opportunities and career development of fulminant, madness a career in several countries, and even continents, burning any steps to accede to the society, avidly consumed success, dar în doze homeopatice, constant devotion to artistic criteria, boldness dreams nepovestite, current flavor of life. His work could only be complex, prevalent in many areas but consistent, dense, consistent. Paint, draw, shape, cut metal, pour it into molds comforted by visions, given brilliance color sanding, practice these forms of artistic expression with the enthusiasm of first love, to idealized forms paradise.

Marius Tiţa

Bucharest, 20 December 2011

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Sculptura Adrian Costea

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