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“Masca și Perla”, In memoriam Ioan Octavian Penda

February 18th,,en,Mask and Pearl,,ro,In memoriam Ioan Octavian Penda,,ro,The Biennale of Arts "THE INORGIC STORIES",,ro,MASK AND PERLA,,ro,Ediția a III-a,,en,Event curators,,ro,Dan Tudor Truică and Marcel Aciocoiţei,,ro,Biennale of the Arts "The Stories of the Unborn" 3rd edition,,ro,is an exhibition of contemporary plastic art included in the calendar of events "Romania 100",,ro,The event is dedicated to the memory of the illustrating graphic designer Ioan Octavian Penda and proposes to the plastic artists in Romania a new theme,,ro,"Mask and Pearl",,ro,The event will be accomplished by involving a group of friends of the late artist as well as the National Museum of Maps and the Old Book Bucharest,,ro, 2018 | by Marius

Bienala Artelor “POVEȘTILE INOROGULUI” MASCA ȘI PERLA In memoriam Ioan Octavian Penda Ediția a III-a, 17 – 30 March 2018

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