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INTERSTIL, la Râmnicu Vâlcea – pictură și artă decorativă de Lidia Mărgelu și Rodica Rozalia Jianu

October 14th,,en,INTER STYLE,,no,Ramnicu Valcea,,ro,paintings and decorative art by Lidia Mărgelu and Rozalia Jianu Rodica,,ro,County Museum,,ro,Alexandru Sacerdoţeanu,,ro,Ramnicu Valcea proposed exhibitions will be inaugurated by two artists from Craiova,,ro,which have exposed together,,ro,Lidia Mărgelu Jianu Rodica Rozalia,,ro,Paintings and decorative art,,ro,Gheorghe DICAN,,sl,Lidia MĂRGELU,,ro,Petrescu,,ro,He was born in Craiova,,ro,where he went to high school art and returned after graduating from the Academy of Art in Bucharest,,ro,It turned even graduated high school,,ro,Having been a teacher for more than quarter of a century,,ro,Now combines prestigious teaching activity,,ro,for the benefit of future artists,,ro, 2017 | by Marius

Friday 19 October, la ora 17, la Muzeul Județean “Alexandru Sacerdoțeanu” din Râmnicu Vâlcea vor fi vernisate expozițiile propuse de

“Somnul și visul” la Salonul Național TEMEIURI

May 1st, 2017 | by Marius

Centrul Cultural H. D. U. Union of Artists of Romania National Exhibition of Fine Arts Edition XII BASES,,ro,sleep and,,ro,Bucharest & nbsp;,,ro,Cotroceni National Museum held a painting exhibition Nature-Man-Universe Emil Ciocoiu Lazarus,,ro “Somnul și

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