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Art Safari București la a lV-a ediție

April 12th, 2017 | by Marius

19 more – 18 June 2017 galleries Kretzulescu,,ro,near National Museum of Art of Romania,,ro,art conquers,,ro,Bucharest,,ro,edition,,ro,Pavilion of Art Bucharest - Art Safari will take place between,,ro,under the patronage of the Municipality of Bucharest,,ro,CNR UNESCO and the European Federation of UNESCO Clubs,,ro,Centers and Associations,,ro,Like every year,,ro,Art Safari Bucharest reintroduce circuit forgotten urban spaces,,ro,Palace Dacia - Romania,,ro,Cyclops Garajul,,ca,and this year it is the turn Galleries Kretzulescu come to public attention in Bucharest,,ro, Calea Victoriei 45 Ediția din 2017 Pavilion of Art Bucharest -,,ro,Iancu,,ro,The exhibition held Bucharest,,ro,It is an entire city,,ro

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