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Vitalie Butescu – painter

Născut la 3 October 1972, în localitatea Ştefan Vodă din Basarabia, now Moldova, the Dniester.
1990 - Graduate of the College of Fine Arts "Plamadeala" in Chisinau, painting department, class of Sergiu Fusu.
1997 – graduate of the Academy of Arts "Ioan Andreescu" Cluj-Napoca, dissertation being executed under the guidance of Professor John Nica.
Between 1996-1998 UAP actively participated in exhibitions and has exhibited in private galleries in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, Japan.
In 1999, was in London, which is accredited by the Bayswater Road Artists Gallery for the display and sale of professional works.

Returns to Romania 2005 and in the 2005 and 2006, cooperate and work together with the late master Bogdan Gravel. în august 2006 participated in the International Art Camp Inter-Art Aiud, and in December the group exhibition "Workshops Bogdan Rubble".
In May 2007 participated in the fourth edition of Creative Camp "today Painters in Balchik", completed a group exhibition "Painters today Balchik" the Romanian Banking Institute (June) and the Art Museum of Constanta (august). With the opening of the George Enescu International Festival and Competition (1-22 seven. 2007), was selected to participate in the works in the exhibition "Europe in sound and color", in the foyer of the Great Hall of the Palace.

In February 2008 had works selected group exhibition "Balchik. School Black Sea »Galleries Arcade Bistrita (5-25 February), and during 29 April - 4 May attended Europ'Art Geneve International Art Fair, project continued in May with a group exhibition "Elite Art Gallery @ Europ'Art 2008" at the National Military Circle Arts Gallery. in July participated in the exhibition "A heart as a country" dedicated to the personality of Queen Mary and its artistic heritage, and in September was selected work group exhibition "Colors of femininity".

In September 2009, during the International Festival and Competition "George Enescu", was selected to participate with works from the exhibition in the foyer of the Grand Palace. September 2010, in the events dedicated to celebrating 551 years of attestation of Bucharest, was selected to participate in the works at the exhibition held at the Art Gallery of Bucharest, and in October he participated in work on the occasion of the signing group exhibition edition 2010 of the "Painters today Balchik". March 2011 participated with papers in the group exhibition "Colors of femininity" held at Art Gallery of Bucharest, April was selected to participate in the work group exhibition "Memory Balchik" held at the Romanian Banking Institute, in April participated in the group exhibition "Axis Mundi", and in June – August saw cymas works in the exhibition "Dialogue chromatic" held in Gambia. March 2012 cymas had work in the exhibition "Arc over time", Plan Cazola, Cluj-Napoca. In 2012 participating in the "Balchik 5 1", with other 4 painters - Florin Stork, Cornelius Dragan-Targoviste, Mihail Gavril, Mihai Potcoavă – and art critic Marius Tiţa. The "Balchik 5 1", organizat de Elite Art Gallery, included a creative camp and two exhibition Balchik, "From Bucharest to Balchik", preceding movement in Balchik, and "Painters today Balchik", that it has completed. In June 2012 participated in the exhibition "Balchik, arch over time "Cotroceni National Museum, and in November 2012 held a mini – exhibition during the National Conference on "Evidence-based medicine" at Crystal Palace Ballrooms in Bucharest.

In 2013 attended the exhibition at the Gallery of Contemporary Art «Tower smiths» Sighisoara, with other 9 The camp participants artists' FroniusArt 2013 ». In November 2013 revine la Sighișoara, a new edition of "FroniusArt». In May 2013 The camp participated in "Painters today in Balchik», completed with an exhibition at the Gallery Castle Queen Maria in Balchik, and an exhibition at the Art Gallery Elite. în august 2013 participated with papers in mini - exhibition "Souvenir de Sibiu", September 2013 was invited to participate in the group exhibition "Contemporary Landscapes", U-Art Gallery.

In 2013 made a personal journey of study in Japan.

In 2010, at the opening of his first exhibition Brancusi Hall Parliament House, was released “BALCIC by BUTESCU” Marius Tiţa, author's first and only album dedicated Balchik.

Solo exhibitions:
2014 – “Decupaje citadine”, Muzeul Judetean Olt – ARTIS Gallery, Slatina (with Cornelius Dragan-Targoviste).
2014 – “Pete color”, Muzeul judet Arges, Arta Gallery naiva, Pitesti (with Cornelius Dragan-Targoviste).
2014 – “Pete color”, room “Constantin Brâncuși”, The houses of parliament, București (with Cornelius Dragan-Targoviste).
2013, 2011, 2009 – Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest.
2012, 2009, 2008, 2007 – Artis Gallery, Olt County Museum, Slatina.
2012 – “BUTESCU”, Photo Gifts, Sinaia Casino.
2011 - "Colors of Bucharest", Galleries SCITART Bucharest.
2011 – U Art Gallery, București.
2011 – Romanian Athenaeum Hall
2011 – "The offering Balchik", sin ARTIS, Olt County Museum, Slatina.
2010 - Brancusi Hall, The houses of parliament.
2010 - Gallery GalAteCa, Central University Library "Carol I", Bucharest (Sergiu with George beats on Poplar).
2010 - Prahova County Museum of Art "Ion Ionescu Quintus", Ploiesti.
2010 - Gallery GalAteCa, Central University Library "Carol I", Bucharest. Invited to exhibit with painter: sculptor Constantin Nicolin.
2009 – Romanian Athenaeum Hall, Bucharest.
2009. - Teahouse Greentea, Bucharest.
2009 – „București, my love ", Municipality of Bucharest.
2009 - Habitus Cultural Center, Sibiu.
2009 - Art Gallery ANA, Bucharest.
2008 - Atelier Gallery Linden Inn, Bucharest
2008 - Exhibition space ACVAL, Ploiesti.
2007 – SUA ambasada the Chişinău, Republica Moldova.
2007 - ArtJazzClub, Bucharest.
2006, 2005 – Romanian National Commission for UNESCO, Bucharest.
2006 – City Gallery, Botosani.
2006 – Silva Gallery, Logs.
2005 more – FRACCU, Paris - France.
1999 – Harlequin Gallery, London.
1997 – Central University Library Gallery, Cluj Napoca.
1997, 1998 – “Art” Gallery, Timisoara.


Works in private collections in Romania, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia, Japan, Great Britain, YOUR, as well as contemporary art museums in Bucharest – Cotroceni, Aiud, Medgidia, Constanta, Slatina.


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Note critice:

“….Vitalie Bessarabian Butescu, whose exhibition dedicated to Bucharest and the 550 years of documentary opened Tuesday even the central hall of the City of Oprescu, the door is always closed and look at Cişmigiu. Entering the park you can see there is, too, one of the images that we propose, oil on canvas, painter, that he did not born in Bucharest, nor in England. Called the "escu" queue, Bessarabia unforgivable about occupations in decades, Butescu Vitaly was born in the town of Stefan Voda, name other dangerous, after Prut. Small plastic art was drawn and the fall of communism on both sides of the river separating the brothers allowed him to come to Romania, learn the art and sacred art. But then he came across Bucharest, ci Clujul. Do stay for years in London and then comes fully Bucharest to tell him, like old times, "My love". Declaration of love means images of Bucharest as one looked not, although I would be tempted to fit the classical artist. It is a company that I turned her over and recommend to take seriously the painter as a gesture of respect for the public and especially to the subject, faţă de acest Bucureşti care are mare nevoie de dragostea şi respectul nostru.” (Marius Tiţa – Bursa 18 seven. 2009)


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