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YES,,en,Babel Tower by Mihai Bara,,ro,Mihai BARA,,ro,Tower of Babel,,ro,x130cm,,en,The Tower of Babel is a notion that fascinates not only philosophers or theologians,,ro,Image artists insistently look for senses and resonances on this scale to heaven that annihilate the chains of gravity and place us in a different perspective,,ro,all the limitations disappear with the Newtonian earth connection,,ro,everything turns into wonderful freedoms,,ro,especially spiritual,,ro,which does not turn into isolation or hatred,,ro,The Babel Tower is total freedom,,ro,no one is between men and above them,,ro,All that we see in this infinite series of video monitors is the purest reality of mankind,,ro! Amphitheater of the Union by Emil Ciocoiu,,ro,Monumental painting is part of the vibrant series a,,ro,amphitheater,,ro,large paintings and intense concentration by which painter Emil Ciocoiu expresses his high aspirations and his relation to the great ideas that unite humanity,,ro,was painted in Germany,,ro,in the workshop of the artist in Aachen,,ro,and is exposed for the first time in Iasi,,ro,at the exhibition titled "Unirii Amphitheater" at the Palace of Culture,,ro

Amfiteatrul Unirii, 2018, 170 x 220 cm

Monumentala pictură face parte din vibranta serie a Amfiteatrelor, picturi de mari dimensiuni și intensă concentrare prin care pictorul Emil Ciocoiu își exprimă înaltele năzuințe și raportatea la marile idei care unesc umanitatea. Amfiteatrul Unirii a fost pictată în Germania, în atelierul artistului din Aachen, și este expus pentru prima dată la Iași, as from 29 March, la expoziția intitulată chiar ”Amfiteatrul Unirii” de la Palatul Culturii.


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