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YES,,en,Babel Tower by Mihai Bara,,ro,Mihai BARA,,ro,Tower of Babel,,ro,x130cm,,en,The Tower of Babel is a notion that fascinates not only philosophers or theologians,,ro,Image artists insistently look for senses and resonances on this scale to heaven that annihilate the chains of gravity and place us in a different perspective,,ro,all the limitations disappear with the Newtonian earth connection,,ro,everything turns into wonderful freedoms,,ro,especially spiritual,,ro,which does not turn into isolation or hatred,,ro,The Babel Tower is total freedom,,ro,no one is between men and above them,,ro,All that we see in this infinite series of video monitors is the purest reality of mankind,,ro! Prețul trădării, de Mihai Bara

Mihai Bara, Prețul trădării, 150x100cm,,en,The choice of this painting by Mihai Bara is determined by the fact that we are in the Passion Week,,ro,I chose a work by Mihai Bara,,ro,the painter of Brasov in Andorra,,ro,to remember that,,ro,at the Brâncuşi Hall of the Parlamet Palace,,ro,a large exhibition will be opened with his works,,ro,newer or already in collections,,ro

Alegerea acestei picturi de Mihai Bara este determinată de faptul că ne aflăm în Săptămâna Patimilor.

Also, am ales o lucrare de Mihai Bara, pictorul brașovean din Andorra, pentru a aminti că, Monday, 6 more, la ora 18, la Sala Brâncuși a Palatului Parlamnetului, va fi vernisată o amplă expoziție cu lucrările sale, mai noi sau aflate deja în colecții.



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