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ZuZu Caratană or subtle art of engraving


Marius Tita

The old craftsman with trembling hands off the paper from the kiss petrified that I give him board îngravată. His touches turns into sticky ink prints. Detach the hard paper material appears his creation, Constructia his, his thinking and draw the cut.

ZuZu Caratană be for any artistic genre but he chose, because he understood, the ancient art of engraving. In his beautiful story with old masters, indented stone, wood or metal, he did a doctoral thesis says that the first engraving made a caveman with his hand full of earth colored cliff caves. Even in those days, engraving showed it was fragile moment as a sounding down the centuries and even millennia but. Then it can gain societal value and bases the first forms of copying the message. I knew many words to put, spell, but since the ancient Chinese as a picture swallows thousand words, as it says, engraving came to multiply image. It began today's global craze, when we talk, live and dream even after the images they have ever stayed in front.

Engraver craftsman since the beginning of the story is, fact, a young man with firm attitude, even spectacular, common sense, Good education, goodwill and good faith. Unexpected, somehow, It was bent on art and technique of engraving which did a PhD and an academic career building. Engraving technique has evolved a lot but have not spent revolutions, still working seriously in this area. And printing Caratană ZuZu's size is remarkable and is cut into wood. Put wood drawing board then takes out the lights and shadows give then give the ink oils and threw into the arms of delicate paper. There is much work here, there are no shortcuts and no lie. Careful, as a surgeon, focused on the wood fiber, young engraver takes this out the price of working hours. But that's the easy part of creation engraved, design is everything and gives dimension creation.

Răzvan ZuZu Caratană brings ancient art of engraving a simple and modern vision and strong. Art was impressed by the atmosphere created in the midst of extensive compositions, true philosophical dialogues in which the viewer is drawn as clean a mystery. Stone antiquity speaks to his people reborn, ruins and temples, and human bodies, stone or flesh. Latin character rooted in Balkan, artist walks in eternal world that the spirit of antique home, hills that hide the dormant cities. ZuZu is an archaeologist seeking stories in wood and stone, the only one who sees alto after basorelieful where it would be. The engraver, fact, put these reliefs outlines on paper. And even more than that, black and white, maximum simplicity and sincerity!

Impetuosity makes them endeavor to plead for his art, restoring its triumphant cry before the invention of printing. at any 32 de ani, inevitable list of works of art and life and gathers many outstanding cymas, exceptional or just impressive. More, engraving artist makes a major art, involved, the hollowing inquisitive giving working hands and thoughts. There, the separation of light from shadows through the push of a chisel, is the seed germinating creation in strong compositions as hard material that makes its mark on paper. Let me tell you a secret, only seemingly identical prints, actually no press is not as all the other. Engraving is unique and so is his art ZuZu Caratană.


the Galaţi, Miron Gheorghe painter and director Dan Basarab Nanu


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