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Constantin Philemon – exhibition contests and stories with friends

Marius Tita

Constantin Philemon was a beautiful and beloved member of the beautiful and beloved artists in Neamt,

Inevitably, Constantin Philemon is not widely known outside lands Neamt County, where his colleagues easel and mural honoring the memory, with those who have enjoyed his creations have collections. Was born 25 more 1936, Piatra Neamt , in 1967 graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu" in Bucharest where he had as teachers and Traian Brădean Ciucurencu and after college courses did religious painting of the Romanian Patriarchate. He himself went to the holy and eternal in 9 august 2013.

Vasile Pleşca is an avid art collector, who discovered the art in the same place a collect Neamt. I approached him unable to sell any part of the collection of personal and passionate composition more friends, great painters of Neamt. Constantin is a collector of Philemon, creator of this great artist and album, of 5 March, determinant of a salon dedicated supporter of the late painter Nemţeanul.

Simeza homage dedicated to him that, until recently, animated openings with colleagues, wonderful painters of Piatra Neamt, is hosted galleries bearing the name of another great artist there, Lascar Vorel. The first edition of the exhibition-contest of creative arts "Homage painter Constantin Philemon" awarded prizes like a nice overview of some German painters and the country. The first prize honors Mircea Răsvan Ciacâru, a large super and hyper-realistic increasingly come to be seen more often in Bucharest. When there is no time for goodbye, Mircea Ciacâru overwhelms me with exceptional surprise to me recognize the portrait called Collector, intelligently and skillfully composed and warm friendship Wishlist. The second award was deserved Mihai Agape, elegant și discret artist, high sensitivity. On the third step of a podium that includes all of Neamt art creators and all who helped organize the event Constantin Philemon, revisit my two best friends, Ciprian Istrate și Dumitru Bezem, whom gladly Simeza found my best daily on.

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Mircea Răsvan Ciacâru




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5 16

Ciprian Istrate

11 14

Dumitru Bezem



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