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Photo Exhibition "LABYRINTH"

EDITIA I : 28 JUNE – 15 AUGUST 2014

Education Point wants to include in the educational circuit and promote photography, a means of personal expression and education, addressing an invitation to all photographers (amateur or professional) to participate in the first edition of the exhibition "Labyrinth".

Exhibition: Saturday 28 June 2014 - Now 18:30.

Place the opening: Art. No D.I.Mendeleev. 7-15, Sector 1, Bucharest (the small).


The exhibition includes 181 construction, proposed for 81 authors and divided into 5 sections, and the period will be set forth in 28 June – 15 august 2014, a new exhibition space located in downtown, în Str. No D.I.Mendeleev. 7-15, Sector 1, Bucharest.

Along with special guests: Alexandru Crisan, Gina Buliga, Vlad Eftenie, Daniel Ilinca and Sorin Onisor, exhibit: Adrian Bolboceanu, Adrian Mergiani, Adrian Pava, Albert Adrian sparrow, Alexandru Catalin, Alexandru Gavrilovici, Anca Tomoroaga, Anda Stăncescu, Andreea Chiru, Andreea Retinschi, Andrei Baicus, Andrei Bârsan, Andrei Nichita, Andrei Ştefan, Bogdan Iacob, Bogdan Mosorescu, Bogdan Popa, Catalin Nae, Christina One, Ciprian Cenan, Claudiu Pascaline, Cornel Petrescu, Cornelius Tanasa, Cristian Alexandru Andreescu, Cristian Anton, Cristian Borbeli, Cristian Bulugea, Cristian Todea, Cristian Popa, Cristina Sunday, Cristina Target, And Mirica, Dana Popescu, Denis Malciu, Eduard Gutescu, Eli Driu, Elisei Noata, Eliza Breajen, Florin Stanca, Gelu Colt, George Alexandru, George Dragoi, Ionuţ Hrenciuc, Ionuţ Maga, Isolda Zăvoianu, Iulia Herescu, Juliana Olteanu, Larisa Cristea, Liliana Mr Lazăr, Marian Mihai, Mario Abagiu, Marius Duţu, Marius Mihalache, Melania Logofătu, Mihai Gagiu, Mihai Tutu, Mirela Momanu, Neguţ Ana (RaZa), Nicu Buculei, Nicu Hoandra, Octav Dragan, Oliver Merce, Paul Opriş, Radu Dumitrescu Elian, Radu Patrascu, Raluca Chipriade, Ramona Mitru, Rareş Dima, Razvan Teodorescu, Red John Daniel, Sabin Prodan, Sebastian Vasiu, Simona Manolache, Ştefan Neagu, Victor Nisipaşu, Viorica Leafu.

Exhibition sections that include them are:

Urbanism and Architecture– Primarily architectural photography captures the details of the built environment, but not limited to presentation spaces and architectural details, indoor and outdoor spaces, or townscape. Through vision, photographer can give a presentation in their own way, making buildings or monuments and architectural details captured, into true works of photographic art.

In this section are presented 30 frame, with the special guest of this section, Alexandru Crisan.

Street Photography – Road, That scene unfolds theater life, frames captured in black and white and color, own styles that offer instant viewer to discover a gesture, a look, o atitudine, association or simply everyday life, of the langa.

In this section are presented 35 photographic sequences, with the special guest of this section, Vlad Eftenie.

LANDSCAPE AND NATURE - Colors, shapes and textures of nature around us, caught in harmony or contrast, and wherein the frame is completed to convey a story about the place shown in the picture. Frameworks providing a wealth of colors, that delights our eyes and we transpose nature.

In this section are presented 35 photographs, with the special guest of this section, Sorin Onisor.

PORTRAIT - Photos included in this section fail to convey emotions, Details about personality, or even the mood of the subject surprised. Beyond capturing a person in a, portrait photography captures the diverse expressions, are captured and rendered in a personal manner, through an artistic vision.

In this section are presented 39 portraits, with special guest of this section paper, Gina Buliga.

FINE ART - This section covers a wide range of works and ideas, the classical picture, black and white, generating frames to digital processing with unique atmosphere. The artists showing work in this section can be considered poets photo, bringing a touch of imagination, sensitivity, impact and atmosphere proposed frameworks.

In this section are presented 36 imagery, with the special guest of this section, Daniel Ilinca.

Organizers and partners:

Education Point – un concept inovativ, developed and structured so that it can make available to all who want a quality personal development, elements and arguments necessary. It aims to become an educational and cultural center, Speaking to students of all ages, to personal development -

My dear Bucharest Association– visual memory the city: we all deserve to discover the charm of the place and our children, people and traditions that have built, which defined the spirit and in some way interfere with our present day. Come with us! –

AZERO – print service preferred by hundreds of companies and individuals. Office documents, CAD prints, Large photos or custom objects, printed and delivered on time, well and on budget. Business to business: Printers for companies. Services, offerings and processes are optimized for engineering firms, architecture, advertising agencies and NGOs. Reduce the 30% printing costs outsourcing services. Speed ​​and unmatched quality: We can print tens of thousands of pages in 24h. After 300 mp of photography, each time the same quality. In fact we do every day, of 8 year. -

TV CITY – first television devoted exclusively of Bucharest. It is the most important platform for direct communication between Bucharest and civil society, authority, ONG-uri, art institutions, Culture and education, sports and entertainment venues. A regional television aimed at the active involvement of local community cultural projects, educational, social, humanitarian and sports for development of civil society, authorities, institutions and organizations in Bucharest. CITY TV reveals, supports and promotes the true values ​​of the community by submitting only essential information to city residents –

România Vie – photo page, a page that is for all amateur and professional photographers from around the world. Romania wants to join Living in the same place all those who love this art, both professional, and amateur. More, This page publishes papers (urbanism and architecture, Black and white street photography and color, landscape and nature photography, portraits and fine art etc.) made and foreign photographers and photographers Romans living abroad – / pages / Roma ¢ nia-Vie/450196871723030?ref=br_tf

FOTO4ALL – was founded in 2011 and started as an online magazine photo, PDF, offering live content, creative photo projects, presentations by national and international portfolios, Photography Tips and unique approach to the photo. Currently also means creating content and photography for books ebookuri profile, organization of exhibitions, photographic workshops and events, and a platform to promote cultural events and photo Romania, an important partner groups and entities operating in this environment –

GROUPS FILOS – was founded in 2010 passion for culture and the desire to provide a professional setting for cultural activities organized. With rich experience in developing and promoting new projects, over time managed to organize many cultural events (exhibitions, festivals, debate, conference, summer schools, workshops, book publishing in print or digital, etc.). The main areas of activity are book publishing, organizing events, creative graphics and design, Photos –

Photo Team Romania – Photographic group that promotes mainly street photography, through various projects and suggested topics, addressed by different photographic visions –

EXPOSURE Association – promote the art and science of photography as a means of communication, Image appreciation and realization of cultural exchange, providing access to information, education and artistic development of all people interested in photography, encouraging personal development, creativity, excellent and ethical behavior in all aspects of the activities they will undertake.

Parteneri average:,,,,,,,, Delight foto studio

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