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Gabriela Culic – Rêverie – la ICR Viena




Gabriela Culic

Romanian Cultural Institute, Vienna

Argentinerstrasse, 39, Vienna

8 November – 2 December 2016

The opening took place on Tuesday, 8 November, to the ICR Vienna, Gabriela Culic in the presence of the artist and curator Ana-Maria Altmann.

"Quiet. A breath. A beating of wings and are free,,ro,As reminiscent of a period in which only the wind and birds croak breaking peace a reality and balance desolate world endures as a primordial instinct in all living,,ro,Inspired by the flight of birds,,ro,having absolutely no need for it,,ro,such dreams,,ro,The mist is spread like a wave on the ground tired after passing warm summer,,ro. Ca o reminiscenţă a unei perioade în care doar vântul şi croncănitul păsărilor spărgeau liniştea unei realităţi pustii şi echilibrul lumii dăinuia ca un instinct primordial în toate fiinţele vii, Gabriela Culic canvases remind us of a desire hardly explicable. Inspirată de zborul păsărilor, artist creates her work a unique atmosphere of peace and freedom that nothing is threatening. Gabriela Culic take - as through a delicate handshake – viewers and leads smoothly into a world away from the daily reality in the eye and soul discovers just what should be: peace and security. Thus transposed into a universe that existed while there was, I have confidence that they know and do not know it yet, capture viewers are transported in a time of ancestral beings whose perception about the beginning of all menus sequentially always new and different ways.

As a counterpoint downright paradox of a society increasingly more dynamic and tech, the sense of time already deviated from the orbit of a narcissistic self-consciousness, Gabriele Culic open windows to worlds, such dreams, It is outside the measurable time, neavând absolut deloc nevoie de acesta. Asemenea viselor, cosmos created by Gabriela Culic rate is subject accurately paint layers that are interdependent, refer to each other, despite their complexity is never impenetrable. Always finds its own self in the need for harmony, a compass that helps orient the work in the multi. and there, At this point beyond space and time, meet again this desire, this inner silent aspiration we do not want to call, and now no longer necessary to do, because we learn to dream again from the beginning.

Suddenly is peace. Ceaţa se aşterne ca un văl călduros pe solul obosit după trecerea verii. Birds longer struggle once over the black earth and clay of the beginning of winter, stop for a moment – and fly away. A breath. A beating of wings and we are free. " (Ana-Maria Altmann)

The exhibition "reverse” It can be accessed at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna from 8 November - 2 December (except on 30 November 1 December), Monday to Friday, between the hours 10.00 – 18.00. Admission is free.

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