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Angels are our best friends, that God has given us i. When goblins, become angels. They always starts the child and so we imagine them and, like mischievous winged. We pray to them but they never. But many tasks and powers have best mastered hope and imagination. Varlam Anda is the first painter of the church walls which paints and angels. At the end of November he presented him the angels in an exhibition at the Village Museum, in a room where guild artists who know how to do best and restore religious art creations raises lounges dedicated to this holy and commendable effort which brings us closer to truth and spirituality highest religious canon. Frail as an idea, Varlam Anda feels the civilization and society. It tells us that we can not wash its hands of fate fantastic architectural heritage, giving the famous red dots but must do more. These beautiful homes which many are missing, razed to the ground, need an angel guardian, which comes, eyed and honest child, a yellow splat, Anda paint him as Varlam. (Marius Tita)

Guardian Angels, you VARLAM, National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”, 29 November – 16 December 2016.

The opening took place on Tuesday, 29 noiebrie 2016, and received word Paulina Popoiu, general director of the museum home, Juliana Grumazescu, communications director, art critic and professor Mihai Marius Dumitru Tiţa, curator of the exhibition.


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Cristian Olteanu (primul din dreapta)

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Mihai Dumitru, Paulina Popoiu, Florin Filip, you VArlam, Marius Tita

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Mihai Dumitru, Juliana Grumazescu, Paulina Popoiu, Florin Filip, you Varlam

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