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Meeting with painting, în Deltă

Delta came to Bucharest! It's not about size but a flood of artistic expression, a painting done in the Delta Simeze!


Meeting with painting in Delta

First was the idea, Then came the first painters. The first of several views. Sunday, 10 more, Romanian royal day, I discovered with amazement pleasant pension "Two Captains" from Crisan, which have all missed was his only painters. At the first meeting put forth their inspiration from Delta easel world Ammar Alnahhas, Syrian sculptor reveals painting colors, Ecaterina Balanescu, painter who did not maintain the Crisan miracle just for her, Sanda Butiu that shape pastels, Gheorghe Coman, landscape that promises a new wave, Cela și Costin Neamțu, known artists of the most beautiful moment of Romanian plastic, Mihai Șerbănescu, which in his workshop in Chinde or amid gathers details like a mosaic of polished stones and Carmen Văideanu water which constantly rediscovering enthusiasm vibrational color painting. The moment of lifting the cymas festive interior universe of "Two Captains" stork came to listen in silence and amazement.
In September, autumn colors called us again in the Delta, la Crișan. I was of the house, Now, Aurelian Frog, artist seafront, care edifică picturalul din tușe intense, Magnetic, by Catherine Bălănescu, valences rediscovering the delta landscape enthusiastic group of young artists, the eternal skeptic Florin Ghergu, but retained the generous effort tones, Alina Manole, determined to move universes in place and put on canvas splendor even Delta, Cluj group enthusiastically in watercolors, Adrian Podoleanu și Claudiu Presecan. This is the simple story of painting in the Delta Meetings, namely from the pension "Two Captains" from Crisan. The rest is looming on Simeza U Art Gallery where we are and we find, we, who we met with painting, în Deltă.

Fotografii de Nancy Vâjâianu, Adriana Pelin and Mihnea Tiţa


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Ammar Alnahhas, Alina Manole, Mihai Șerbănescu, Ecaterina Balanescu, Răzvan Mocanu, Denisa Mocanu, Marius Tita, Carmen Văideanu, Florin Ghergu, Sanda Buțiu

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Marius Tita, Denisa Mocanu


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Mihai Șerbănescu, în centrul atenției

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Marius Tita, Carmen Văideanu

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Un triptic refăcut pentru prima dată, din picturi aflate la Crișan, la Târgoviște și București

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Alina Manole și pictura sa

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Gabriel Manole, Alina Manole Flroin Ghergu, Marius Tita

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Cristina Tița, pictură de Aurelian Broască și Costin Neamțu

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Costin Neamțu Ecaterina Bălănescu

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Mihai Șerbănescu Aurelian Broască

38 10425485_10204835913967085_7004312021310442518_n

Alina Manole, Ecaterina Balanescu

41 12244825_10204835906686903_4731017417482494316_o

Costin Neamțu, Ammar Alnahhas

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Sanda Buțiu, Adrian Podoleanu

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Cristina Tița și pictura lui Ammar Alnahhas


Claudiu Presecan

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Florin Ghergu și lucrările sale cu subiecte de Deltă

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