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Ionel Constantinescu, Art collector of memories,ro

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Portraits of Alexander Ciucurencu and Emil Ciocoiu

He was a wonderful man, a Professor of learners always, the beautiful new things, how to behave and to understand what is happening around you. It was dedicated to the art, he collected art as her former, deeply and passionately, supported and created events, i loved creators, has helped, brought light upon them, It was enjoyed every moment spent near them, He made them all memorable. He brought joy around him and taught us to enjoy art. A Collecting memories with artists but most of them created, it generated, It has made possible. A hugely appreciated the friendship of a lifetime, the whole life, with great artists, Ciucurencu and Piliuţă, Câlţia and Ilfoveanu, Emil Ciocoiu. I was overwhelmed with the care and attention to, every moment in the few years that we have known. As a matter of fact, Now continues to overwhelm me with memories of what was and what was supposed to be. He left four years ago, in early October, and in that 21 October would be fulfilled 80 de ani, patriarchal age with the dynamism and initiative and who characterized it would not be reconciled. Again he would have been right! We continue to work in the same spirit, no word impossible in the program, imagination as the flag and its belief that "I would have liked Mr. Professor" when we know that we live in the success of our works of art. (Marius Tiţa)



We begin work on the album dedicated to the painter Emil Ciocoiu, 2007


The ideal state, surrounded by artists and an art lover: Mihail Gavril, Marius Tiţa, Gabriel Catrinescu, Florin Bârză


Marius Tiţa, Emil Ciocoiu, Ionel Constantinescu, an eternal image

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