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Lesson landscape from Sălciua


Painting camp "pictorial transfiguration", Sălciua, jud. Alba, ediția a lll-a, 6-15 September 2016

In the middle of the Apuseni village Sălciua, next to City Hall about, grab decided on a road that thrusts the road crossing from south to Stone Land Turda and Cluj. E drum minimal, o Masina, hard place two or even a large car with hay. And climbed Valley Mills, a miniature gorge of the biggest beauty. Asphalt and houses disappear soon and stay between mountains, a valley of rare beauty, that could become a tourist attraction in itself. After a few kilometers, Putin, not many, recur homes, of the mountain and even a well placed hotel, the mountain. As a matter of fact, It is a pension, Under the inspired called Stone. Depression is a small nucleus around which revolve well forested mountain peaks, which maketh himself plateau pastures and stone blades. Not far away is the spectacular waterfall and Huda Papară.

This is the framework in which, mid-September, It was held the third edition of Camp painting from Sălciua "pictorial transfiguration". The organizers of the camp are two young painters, known and rising, Ami Vasilescu și Radu Goia. He is originally from Sălciua, his wonderful parents living right where you exit the broad road and headed for paradise called Under Stone. Knowing well the potential of this corner is revealed only connoisseurs, they try to share their artist friends from around the country. Și, in the future, can not only. In 2016 responded to the invitation 15 painters personality and originality. George Păunescu She teaches painting at the Faculty of Theology in Bucharest and is a true master of landscape. Nicu Stanciu Aunt practice vibrated, landscapes, nudes or portraits, but this year had to leave very early in the camp of Western painters. Mihai Șerbănescu, din Târgoviște, painting directly in nature, what the French called plein air. He left the mountain morning, with easel, palette, canvases and colors, and returned the verge series, ready to tell a meaningful poem or well understood. Cornel Vana, Turda, says he poems, but if more reflective. He painted flowers of field and forest slopes and wooden houses, covered with hay. In no order follows Vali Irina Ciobanu, Bucharest, who paints as mapping details Sălciua but all his attention was directed to the overall landscape. Lucia Juncu, her way of Bessarabia Călăraşii, He lives in Bucharest, He knows how to heal the camp heritage and landscapes shaped pleinairiştilor powerful strokes downright telluric. Gheorghe Coman It must be increasingly important as a landscaper, addressing subtle tones and retained. Constantin Tanislav, all in Bucharest, It is also adept direct reception of the natural wealth of emotions and vibrations, practicing a touch which focuses inwards pictorial construction. Martina Grigoriță He declares his passion for drawing but leans very carefully and gently on the game chromatic nature full air. Rareş Wheel, young painter and landscape of Sighisoara in Transylvania, He participated in all the camps organized by Radu Goia him, in Apuseni. Doina Stici Cluj is ceramist who weaves threads of ceramic objects. Like threads its gestural strokes that are composed landscapes in triptych or even more pieces from Sălciua. Claudia Schițelea It is shown a strong vibration artist who earn enormous encounter with the natural. Not ultimately remained David Tailor Suceava, known for its cadres in neighboring tales and warm colors that seem to have sweet-sounding narrative Moldovan.

The first opening, Labour disclosure actually participants in the meeting in Sălciua, held at the guesthouse Under Stone, which was home to 15 artists for more than a week. The next day, on 14 September, paintings from Sălciua took to the Cluj, being inaugurated at Urania Palace. The next day, With sadness, Under Camp Rock ended, continuing with the impetuosity of sensitive souls participating artists especially on the sails and their future cymas. (Marius Tita)


3.1 8

David Tailor


Doina Stici

10 12.1

Constantin Tanislav și Claudia Schițelea cu portretul desenat de C. Tanislav

12 14

Doina Stici, Vali Irina Ciobanu și Constantin Tanislav

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24 25 26 27.1 27.2 27

28 29

30 33

31 32 34 49

53 51

52.1 52

La Huda lui Papară

54 5655 55.1 57 58 59

Ami Vasilescu la mănăstirea Ponor, în trecere

65 66

Painting by Claudia Schiţelea

67 68 69.1 69

Author: Lucia Juncu

70 71

Plein air with Vali Irina Ciobanu

72 73 74

Tanislav, Constantin Tanislav

76 77

Harmonies Transylvania Kerekes Rares


Even guesthouse Under Stone, George Paunescu

79 81

82 83

David's painting Croitor

78 84

Decernarea diplomelor, cu Ami Vasilescu și Radu Goia


86 89 90 87 91 9392 94 95 96 97 100 111 112


La Cluj, expoziția



118.1 118.4

118.5 118.6

118.7 118.8

118.12 119 118.14 118.20 120 122 123 124 125 126 127

129 130 132 133 145 140

143 146

148 147 150

Trudiții organizatori, Ami și Radu



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