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Published on February 10th, 2015 | by Marius


Custodian Medal Romanian Crown


HRH Crown Princess Margareta

Andreea Buga, designer Adrian Buga, historian and art critic, achieved a new medal for the Royal House of Romania. This is called Custodian Medal Crown Romanian and is beaten to celebrate 25 the coming years in Romania HRH Princess Margarita. On this occasion three models were made of medal.

The first model, the statutory, is oval, oval size 40 x 30 mm and is made of silver with a purity of 925 the ‰. On the obverse is the image in right profile of HRH Crown Princess of Romania, the top is surrounded by the words "Custodian ROMANIAN CROWN”, and the bottom, between the two points, appears to establish the medal last year - 2012. On the reverse is embossed in relief figure Crown Princess, consists of the letter M provided at the bottom with a pattern of stylized lines, and at the top by a crown royal. Above is oval crown, anou caught by a ribbon of blue moire, that each edge has a silver stripe.

The decoration ribbon is for women with node-shaped bows. Possessors Medal "Custodian Romanian Crown" distinction can wear on special occasions, with or without a costume and hat day or evening dresses. Decorations for men, the ribbon has a rectangular shape. Holders Medal "Custodian Romanian Crown" distinction can wear on special occasions, in a dark suit, smoking sau frac.

The decoration is attached to the needle, as brooch, breast, to the left, above the heart.

Medal "Custodian Romanian Crown" may be granted a maximum of 400 people living. Holders Medal "Custodian Romanian Crown" will celebrate every year decoration 3 more, birthday of Queen Elena of Romania.

Celebrating the 25 the coming years in Romania HRH Princess Margarita were also made two models nestaturare.

The first model complies with the technical characteristics of the statutory, but is made of gilded silver. They provide members of the Royal House of Romania.

The second model is made of white gold, comply with statutory characteristics, and is framed by a white gold frame on which are mounted (tip pave) 25 natural sapphires totaling 2,5 carat representing each year since HRH Crown Princess Margarita is in Romania. The ribbon-shaped bows are applied figures 2 și 5 made of white gold.

The concept and design and decoration is signed Andreea Buga coordination and execution of the project was conducted by Adrian Buga, art advisors of the Royal House of Romania.

This is a unique medal, only worn by Princess Margaret, Custodian Romanian Crown.


Medalia Custodele Coroanei romane - Membrilor Casei Regale

Medalia Custodele Coroanei romane - statutara

Medalia Custodele Coroanei romane a ASR Principesei Margareta

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