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Painting and sculpture Ovidiu Cornel valve gules Casino Sinaia

afis Casino Sinaia

The curatorial project developed at the Royal Gallery at Casino Sinaia, at the end of July to beginning of September we have the opportunity to admire the painting Cornel Vana and sculpture Ovidiu Guleş. The two artists coming from the north arrived in Sinaia, over the mountains, Cornel of Turda, Ovidiu of Cluj. Early last year, Cornel valve found at Casino Sinaia cymas painters with Raul Calin Anton, Cluj and he, and young Sighisoara Rares Kerekes, the exhibition of paintings that I called it TEMPORA ANNO DOMINI, chromatic passage full of talent through three work fine and the four seasons of the year and life. Now, with his friend, sculptor Ovidiu Gules, forms a complex exposure, The shapes and colors.

marius tita, cornel vana si ovidiu gules.9 marius tita, cornel vana si ovidiu gules.10

marius tita, cornel vana si ovidiu gules marius tita, cornel vana si ovidiu gules.11

Cornel Vana recently appeared on the big cymas painting but did it with such enthusiasm and talent that you become willing to give her a lifetime for such a work. Master the color and construction of a personal manner and its evolution is rapid, dynamics. Slim Peisajele, especially Transylvanian towns or fields of flowers înrodite, have depth and go high up to the sky. People sing, sometimes, in its Sighişorile and field flowers are characters, positive, clear and personality traits. The people gather in groups happy, sometimes with music, and while, actually, Cornel valve mobilizes all, a poetry recitation own or other sensitive Yesenin of life, his portrait paintings is presented as a riddle, required first discovered and then understood. "Frescoes" are its social, gather opinions and positions, contrast and emphasis of such religious, finely drawn portraits, as an illustration that speaks more deeply to tell.

cornel vana cornel vana

cornel vana cornel vana

Ovidiu Guleş is a true sculptor and is therefore silent. Wood, stones, clay and bronze call, instead,ro, secrets of needs and he responds with destiny of form and emphasis. Sinai displays a wonderful world of small sculpture, and miniaturalul childhood that you still look through life, Whether we know it or not, Whether we admit it or just tough. His horses break stone as an ancient elegy, volutes women have curves circles of stone and marble Profile, Modern ceramics, with all its arsenal of possibilities of expression comes to his aid. They are especially rond-bosse give, occasionally, a basorelief after altorelief, cut in stone or metal put, gives instructions of the atmosphere and the idea. Like painting Cornel valve, Ovidiu Gules sculpture is meant to house people, to fill them beautiful and artistic life and work.

ovidiu gules Ovidiu Guleş


Ovidiu Guleş marius tita

If you go through Sinaia - and if you do not have road, I recommend that you take one - stop casino for painting and sculpture Ovidiu Cornel valve gules.

Marius Tiţa, curator and presenter of exhibitions at Gallery Royal Casino Sinaia.


Photo: Mihnea Tiţa and Marius Tiţa

The images painter Cornel valve, sculptor Ovidiu Gules and Marius Tiţa, curator and presenter of exhibitions at Gallery Royal Casino Sinaia.

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