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Symposium "Origins Romanian Byzantine art" ICR Istanbul

Marți, 10 more 2016, Istanbul will host ICR, headquarters near Taksim Square, ediţia 2016 the symposium "Art and Civilization in Romanian monastic spaces" on "Origins Romanian Byzantine art".

The event is organized in partnership with the Federation of Romanian Associations, UNESCO Clubs and Centres and the National Museum Cotroceni. Take 12 recognized personalities in academia, academic, museum, spațiu monastic, studies and extensive research on the history, art history, historiography and museology.

participants are: Eugenia Antonescu, is. Elena Armenescu, Luiza Barcan, conf. univ. is. Cornelia Carmen Balan, Daniela nun (Mihaela Nechifor), univ reader. is. Mihai Dumitru, Ana Maria Harţuche, Gabriela Cloşcă, is. Filofteia Pally, Dr. nun. Gabriela Platon, is. Elena Preda, is. Marius Tiţa, is. Tiţa-Ion Nicolescu, DRD. Diana Stefanescu, Pr. is. Vlad and Dr. Sergiu. Mihaela Varga.

The symposium initiated by the Federation of Romanian Associations, UNESCO Clubs and Centres is the eighth, of the previous mention those Monastery Dragomirna (2009), Comana Monastery (2010), National Commission of Romania for UNESCO (2014), The wooden church Nativity of the Theotokos, Călineşti, jud. Maramures (2015).

For this year's edition, organizers chose Istanbul, a good argument put, the theme chosen. "Origins Romanian Byzantine art" refers primarily to the many artistic designs with a large area of ​​distribution created in the Byzantine Empire and even beyond, including Hagia Sofia, Chora Church and House of Cantemir.

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