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Teodor Vescu presents "Traveling impressions,,ro,Indochina "at the National Military Circle,,ro,"Traveling impressions,,ro,Indochina "Painting by TEODOR VESCU The National Military Circle Art Gallery,,ro,Feast of the Guild of Restoration and Creators of Sacred Art in Romania,,ro,"No one,,ro,lighting the torch,,ro,Do not hide it under a bowl,,ro,or do not put it under the bed,,ro,but put it in the candlestick,,ro,so that those who enter to see,,ro,U Art Gallery Bd Iancu de Hunedoara,,ro,Preparatory PEK Seminars,,ro,The European Foundation Titulescu organized on Wednesday,,ro,His creation is,,ro,the menzel house in the middle of Er Riadh,,ro,Indochina "Painting by TEODOR VESCU Art Gallery Circle,,ro,Algerian Abdelhafid Kadri is a visual artist,,ro – Indochina” la Cercul Militar Național


”Impresii de călătorii – Indochina”



Gallery Artelor

National Military, București

22 October – 4 November 2018

Vernisajul a avut loc luni, 22 October, și a fost susținut de Marius Tița.




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