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In scris și în pictură, despre arta Țării Oașului

December 20th,,en,In writing and painting,,ro,about art Oas,,ro,Creation artists Doina Laura Sibiceanu Marita and Alexander Antiochus Sibiceanu Manu was at the center of two cultural events held in Satu Mare and Turt,,ro,St. Nicholas,,ro,the County Council held exhibition opened two artists with creation and launch of "Signs mnemonics - traces of ancestral spirit - metamorphosis painting",,ro,a comprehensive and thorough study conducted by Assistant Professor Dr.,,ro,Doina Laura Marita Sibiceanu,,ro,Study over,,ro,page,,ro,with a foreword by Prof.,,ro,Vasile Morar,,ro,University of Bucharest,,ro, 2017 | by Marius

Creația artiștilor plastici Doina-Laura Sibiceanu Marița și Alexandru Antioh Sibiceanu Manu s-a aflat în centrul a

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