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Gelu Costea, painting – opening “CUCUTENCE”, U-ART Gallery


"For me, Gelu cost is a creator of light. Light from Light, I dare say: apparently was cured of obsession shadows. On the canvas of the world arises once the move happy and free man beginnings. I admired some contours which can not be distinguished in an explosion of light and I had the revelation of the first people. Those people imbued solely for the joy of being. That must have been Adam and Eve, mi-am Azis. Iar eu, watching them, I felt that I heal the passions and my eye gets cleaner. Thanks to Gelu for the visual experience. Lately, I rarely happen to intuit the primary purpose of creation in everything I see or around. " ( Protos. Justin Peter)


Cucutencele it Gelu Costea seem to be born of a graphic gesture ancestral, triggered by love and governed by the archetype in becoming its artistic. Keeping their identity, el reface, în vortex, unity of the two principles – male and female – and recovers transcendental ground plane spiral. “ ( Marina Roman, art critic )

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