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Jacques Herold, la New York

Les Petits et les Grandes Ailes Jacques Herold.Le mouvement des levres

Jacques Herold, Small and Large Wings

Jacques Herold, The movement of the lips

La New York, on 27 July, was sold a painting of French artist born in Romania, Jacques Herold. "Little and Big Wings" este pe ulei a cardboard din 1958, signed, dated and clearly titled, s reverse. The painting has dimensions of 129.5 x 81.2 cm, was estimated to be 6-8.000 dollars but was sold to 11.250 the dollars.

Bidding “First Open: Summer Edition” organized by Christie's in New York, and the painting was sold to Jacques Herold, offered a selection of about 300 batches of signatures that were present in auctions in New York in May, but, Now, at much lower prices. They come from prestigious American collections: Edwin A. & Lindy Bergman din Chicago, Frances R. Dittmer your from Aspen, Phillip Schrager din Omaha, Nebraska, Dennis Hopper and California. Before bidding, paintings were exhibited at Christie’s Rockefeller Center Galleries. The whole meeting together 4,9 millions of dollars.

Picturi de Jacques Herold Jacques Herold.L embellie Jacques Herold.L ombre solaire Jacques Herold. Sans titre

Jacques Herold (Hérold Blumer) was born in Piatra Neamt, the 10 October 1910. For small moves in several cities, with family, is at Galati 1913 and 1914, Mărăşeşti, next two years, the Fălticeni of 1917 within 1923, when it comes to Bucharest and is drawing classes. In 1927, the 17 year, this a clasa admis lui Ion Theodorescu-Sion iar din 1929 attend Vlădescu Free Academy. Very fast approaching avant-garde circles in Bucharest, magazines 75 HP One. Claude befriends SERNET (Mihail Cosma) and with the money obtained on a poster done in 1930 goes to Paris, boat on the Danube. Paris meets Benjamin and Victor Brauner Fondane, born in Romania and its. Brown, painter as he was also born in Piatra Neamt, advises him to take the surname Jacques, which he wrote in English form, Jack. Work a few months as an assistant to Brancusi and approaching Andre Breton, leader of the surrealist movement, şi Yves Tangui. Actively participate in the famous surrealist, paint and exhibit this spirit. In June 1940, se refugiază, Victor Brauner, Oscar Dominguez, First Perpignan and then to Marseille, with the leading representatives of surrealism, Andre Breton, Max Ernest, Wilfredo Lam. Not among those evacuated Americans and their war going on, în semi- underground. After the war, participating in major surrealist exhibitions, as a representative of the current vanguard furnte. He died in Paris, the 11 January 1987. In 2010, the end of a century since the birth of Jacques Herold, I Cantini Museum dedicated an exhibition, called simple and unambiguous, “Jacques Herold and surrealism (10 October 2010 – 17 February 2011), accompanied by a remarkable catalog-monograph.

In 2012, occurred, pe DVD, movie “Jacques Herold, The grain phosphorus finger”, Fabrice Maze.

Un film despre Jacques Herold album Muzeu Cantini

In Bucharest, in 2011, Lucian Georgescu and Colors Art Gallery organized several exhibitions which could be seen, and purchased, many great works of Jacques Herold, so appreciated by the French painter and art and little known world of his countrymen, Romanians.


Jacques Herold, The ties Rimbaud

"Christie's is a good market for Herold, with significant sales and, especially, discontinuity in the world of this great Romanian artist. The us, Artmark works by Jacques Herold was just playing in a market insensitive to the forefront and Romanians assert elsewhere, although international flair and European-connection we should say that such occasions do not miss, if, mai vin, Paris became the Joye New York, as for “Wings large and small”. Many of the offers from Bucharest signed Jacques Herold auctions have been presented in exhibitions organized Colors Art Gallery, Bucharest by Lucian Georgescu, a gallerist aficionado “School of Paris” Romanian avant-garde and wherever they find it. Moreover such an offer not to be missed and the gallery owner and retreated into the wild, Paris ". (Marius Tiţa)érold-244390&articol=244390.html


21 22

23 mormantul lui Jacques Herold

Tomb of Jacques Herold Montparnasse, revealed by Lucian Georgescu. This parallelepiped vegetation surrealist spirit reminiscent of grass on bronze with forming Rimbaud's tie.


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