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in college,,ro,Ion Irimescu painted church,,ro,Michelangelo was a sculptor, but is known more for his painting of the Sistine Chapel,,ro,This reminds me,,ro,keeping all proportions,,ro,that our famous sculptor Ion Irimescu painted church,,ro,And that he was,,ro,yet,,ro,student,,en,Young painter Alexandros Pintilii Karciucas of Fălticeni,,ro,who had a chance to get to know the longtime artist and I sent the Church of Oprişeşti pictures painted by here,,ro,Ion Irimescu,,ro,here his eternal sleep not only sculptor and his wife,,ro,Eugenia,,en,but parents and brother,,ro,Oprişeni church building can be placed between,,ro, sculptorul Ion Irimescu a pictat o biserică

Michelangelo era sculptor dar este cunoscut mai mult pentru pictura sa din ...

ReportageLiviu-Adrian SANDU sculptor,,ro,portrait working actor Marcel Hârjoghe,,ro,in the following,,ro,photos we can see aspects of the portrait while working actor Marcel Hârjoghe,,ro,Are the steps I went through the effort to understand facial bone structure on which we had to build the ultimate expression,,ro,I thought,,ro,in order to get to play as expressive,,ro,presence,,ro,the hypostasized,,ro,mandatory passage,,ro,by molding,,ro,by at least three ages of actor,,ro,since the teenage years and reaching full maturity age,,ro, lucrând portretul actorului Marcel Hârjoghe

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