YES,,en,Babel Tower by Mihai Bara,,ro,Mihai BARA,,ro,Tower of Babel,,ro,x130cm,,en,The Tower of Babel is a notion that fascinates not only philosophers or theologians,,ro,Image artists insistently look for senses and resonances on this scale to heaven that annihilate the chains of gravity and place us in a different perspective,,ro,all the limitations disappear with the Newtonian earth connection,,ro,everything turns into wonderful freedoms,,ro,especially spiritual,,ro,which does not turn into isolation or hatred,,ro,The Babel Tower is total freedom,,ro,no one is between men and above them,,ro,All that we see in this infinite series of video monitors is the purest reality of mankind,,ro! Nelson Mandela,,fr,from Houda,,sw,July 18th,,en, de Houda Ajili (Tunisia)

The 18 July 2018, se împlinesc 100 de ani de la nașterea ...

InfoagendaAmmar Alnahhas participates in the DjerbaDREAM® Art Event,,ro,Syrian-Romanian artist Ammar Alnahhas,,ro,a true phenomenon of Romanian syllables in the last decade,,ro,will participate,,ro,la DjerbaDREAM Art Event,,en,a true fine art festival to be held on Djerba Island in Tunisia,,ro,DjerbaDREAM® Art Event is the Agora of ART in its different styles,,en,trends and,,en,visions,,en,During two weeks,,en,no less than,,en,international artists will occupy the spaces of the,,en,village,,en,will work in direct contact with the inhabitants and will give occasional,,en,introductory workshops,,en,The invited artists,,en,coming from three continents,,en,will cover the various disciplines of,,en,plastic and urban arts,,en,sculpture,,en,painting on all supports,,en,ceramics of art,,en,engraving,,en,installations,,en,photography,,en,THIS PROJECT HAS THE AMBITION TO STRENGTHEN ERRIADH,,en,BUT MORE,,en

June 17th | by Marius


ReportageParis, je t’aime! desene de Adrian Costea

June 21st,,en,I love you,,fr,drawings by Adrian Costea,,ro,A little while ago I introduced the sculpture,,ro,with more time taking out an album,,ro,"Eternal and fascinating Romania",,ro,who gave the name of a huge political scandal,,ro,Now we present a series of original drawings for the first time,,ro,recently realized,,ro,in a moment of great inspiration,,ro,We can say that his hand goes but,,ro,his hand goes after the long string of memories,,ro,at the beginning of Bucharest,,ro,to the wonders of Israel,,ro,at the discovery of America also in Paris,,ro,eternal love,,ro,And then,,ro,to the whole globe,,ro,and stars of all time,,ro,It mixes these memories with privileged evokes and sarcasm,,ro,The drawing is exceptional,,ro,şarjat,,ca | by Marius


Paul Constantin

6 March 1957, la Isaccea, judeţul Tulcea – 2012 Absolvent al Academiei ...

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