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Published on October 26th, 2015 | by Marius


Modern Painting and graphics, la GOLDART

Wednesday, 28 October, now 19:00
Galeria GOLDART-Ghildush

Exhibition of new tenders House cymas Goldart await you with a rich offer of Romanian modern art accompanied by contemporary brand presence or tend to reserve a place in a future history of image.
The section of decorative art, mainstay lately, European manufactures propose items we turn our attention to the interiors of homes and provides them with modern pieces by contrast with the uniqueness sought by the latest trends in interior design.
Contemporary art is an important chapter of upcoming auctions ; present important artists, some particularly suggestive portraits bear the imprint of their artistic approach. Paul Gherasim, Angela Tomaselli, Ioana Atomei, Marilena Murariu, Semproniu Iclozan, Paula Ribariu, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Stefan Emanoil Mazilu or Câlţia are branded presences of contemporary art section. The approach of promoting contemporary art auction of our home is completed by a new project, “ContempL’art”. Auction House GOLDART-Ghildush aims such as the phrase "art as investment" is no longer just joined already classic values, of modern art and post-modern Romanian, but to include emerging contemporary artists.
The graphics contained in this auction brings important names Simeze beginning of twentieth century art: Pallady with a portrait and a landscape of Bucharest wartime, Iser an expressive character, Rudolf Schweitzer Cumpăna, Irina Codreanu, and moderns Aurel Cojan, George Vânătoru, Magdalena Radulescu and two exotic Japanese prints, with their design is refined.

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IOSIF ISER – The baker PalladyMrs. Grimaldi

5 6

PalladyPiața Amzei CAROL HUBNERJob, dual front


ADAM BĂLȚATU – House on the waterfront

Selection of painting this painting auctions nominate representative interwar. Some bright landscapes, Aurel Băeşu signed with expressive pulping or Adam Bălţatu, highlighting the exoticism of an Egyptian landscape, Leon Alexandru Biju signed, the warm light constructs monumental volumes.
Another unique presence in this session is Carol Hubner; painter Brasov, geometrization particular through its images and rigorous construction is now proposing two papers - two different themes - a dual portrait and a still representative of this author.
In the same note and type of vision is the work Ernst signed Honigberger, author of a value reunoscută and international art markets.
As every session of our auctions we propose Romanian art that can complete any collection of important works.

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