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Views and characters - art auction at Goldart

Auction House GOLDART-Ghildush
Such a 142

"Privelişti şi character"

Monday 6 April, now 19

Gallery Goldart, In. I. The. Caragiale nr. 1

Divided into two segments defining, decorative arts and fine arts, auction 142 stands and this time the diversity and quality of works of art offered to the public. From the range of objects with functional role- pieces made in metal, Glass, ceramics, Fildes, etc.. are distinguished for defining the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles: Emil Gallé vessels, candlesticks, WMF trays and boxes, un elegant suport pentru umbrele prevăzut cu oglindă și două lămpi dar și piese emailate provenite din ateliere rusești. Name of reference contemporary art found in works by Stephen Pelmuş, Petre Velicu, Gil Nicolescu, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Ștefan Câlția, ș.a. The work of Dan Erceanu, Marcel Chirnoagă, Vasile Grigore, Maria Pillat Brateș, H.H. Catargi, The Lucia Bălăcescu, Iosif Iser, Stefan Popescu Nicolae Tonitza or compose an attractive universe graphics modern and contemporary Romanian. Established genres of painting are consistent illustrated this time pictures signed: Iosif Steurer, Bogdan Gravel, Virgil Almășanu, Sorin Ionescu, Ion Musceleanu, Adam Bălţatu, Kimon Loghi, Ion Pacea, Mariu Bunescu, still life Nicholas Tonitza, Samuel Mützner, Ion Musceleanu, Here lovers, Hrandt Avachian, after portraits de o mare expresivitate semnate de : Liviu Cornescu, John Stătescu, Theodor Cateliu, Dimitrie Mihailescu, Jean Niţescu, George Stefanescu Traian Brădean.


Work from the beginning of Nicolae Tonitza, "Still life with books, lemon and flowers " plastic solid command of language reveals that harmoniously blend ratios of volumes, alternation plans, effects of perspective, shadows and light regime; color system integrates a consistent aesthetic to be prepetuat the artist's work in an unmistakable manner.


"Shaman" Camil Ressu is a work of defining thematic composition epic blast the light and decorativeness, segment of the distinctive characteristics of a Romanian school, and found a great painter steadfast in creation. Ressu's orientation towards peasant themes denotes equally sweetened opposition to the image transmitted at the time of his epigones Nicolae Grigorescu.

Descoperim în cele două desene ale lui Ștefan Popescu ” Casa din livadă” și ”Copaci pe malul apei” virtuțile ordonatoare ale desenului care conferă imaginilor o monumentalitate sobră, balanced; as segmented as "vedutele" its, vegetable elements contained gets ample natural movements appearance, perennial force.


Samuel Mutzner – Still with the musketeer

The exhibition is open every day between the hours of 09.00-17.00, Saturday 4 April between 11.00-15.00 and Monday 6 April between 09.00-19.00 established gallery.

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